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You should immediately dial 911 or the Guests Service Desk to report any missing person or criminal activity. In addition the Security Department is responsible for responding to alleged crimes and missing persons and can be contacted directly at any time by dialing 911 or though the Guests Service Desk. It is important that Guests report immediately missing persons and criminal activities so that responding Oceania Cruises personnel can collect and secure the necessary information.

The Medical Department can be contacted at any time by dialing 911 or through the Guests Service Desk for any required medical assistance.

Oceania Cruises S. de R.L. has zero tolerance for crime on board its vessels. On international voyages that embark or disembark in the United States, Oceania Cruises is required by federal law to report on board felonies and missing U.S. nationals to federal agencies. For a missing U.S. national and all serious felonies (homicide, suspicious death, kidnapping, assault with serious bodily injury, sexual assaults as defined by federal laws, firing or tampering with the vessel, or theft of money or property in excess of $10,000) the incident must be reported to the F.B.I. by telephone as soon as possible, to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security electronically, and to the U.S. Coast Guard in writing. These requirements apply to incidents that occur on board in U.S. territorial waters, or on the high seas or in foreign waters if the assailant or victim is a U.S. national.

The F.B.I. can assert criminal jurisdiction in all of these circumstances. Each of the nations visited, as well as the vessel's nation of registry, may also assert jurisdiction and/or impose additional reporting requirements. Oceania Cruises reserves the right to report any/all criminal allegations to any national, state or local law enforcement agency in addition to those mentioned.

For missing persons or felonies arising at any time during the voyage you may independently contact the F.B.I. or U.S. Coast Guard. For incidents within state or foreign waters or ports you may, in addition, contact local law enforcement authorities. Contact information for these entities and the National Sexual Assault Hotline is listed on the following page, along with the locations of U.S. Embassies and Consulates in the ports visited.

Victims Advocacy Groups Contact Information

National Center for Victims of Crime (referral organization for help in your home town)

National Organization for Victim Assistance (referral organization for help in your home town)

Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (24 hour hotline and referral organization for help in your home town)

The Coast Guard Crime Statistics Data

FBI and US Coast Guard Contacts for US Embarkation Ports

Baltimore, Maryland (Embarkation Port)

  • FBI Baltimore Field Office - (410) 265-8080
  • USCG Sector Boston Baltimore Command Center - (410) 576-2525

Boston, Massachusetts (Embarkation Port)

  • FBI Boston Field Office - (617) 742-5533
  • USCG Sector Boston Command Center - (617) 223-5757

Cape Liberty, New Jersey (Embarkation Port)

  • FBI Newark Field Office - (973) 792-3000
  • USCG Sector New York Command Center - (718) 354-4353

Fort Lauderdale, Florida (Embarkation Port)

  • FBI Miami Field Office - (305) 944-9101
  • USCG Sector Miami Command Center - (305) 535-4472

Galveston, Texas (Embarkation Port)

  • FBI Houston Field Office - (713) 693-5000
  • USCG Sector Houston-Galveston Command Center - (713) 671-5133

Honolulu, Hawaii (Embarkation Port)

  • FBI Honolulu Field Office - (808) 566-4300
  • USCG Sector Honolulu Command Center - (808) 842-2600

Los Angeles, California (Embarkation Port)

  • FBI Los Angeles Field Office - (310) 477-6565
  • USCG Sector Los Angeles - Long Beach Command Center - (310) 521-3801

Miami, Florida (Embarkation Port)

  • FBI Miami Field Office - (305) 944-9101
  • USCG Sector Miami Command Center - (305) 535-4472

New Orleans, Louisiana (Embarkation Port)

  • FBI New Orleans Field Office - (504) 816-3000
  • USCG New Orleans Command Center - (504) 846-6160

Click here for US Embassy and/or Consulate & Local Law Enforcement Contact Information for Ports of Call

Download the U.S. Embassy Contact Information for Ports of Call