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NEW Sail & Sustain Website Page

With the celebration of Earth Day earlier this week, sustainability is on the minds of many and the debut of our new Sail & Sustain page on our website highlights some of our top environmental and conservation initiatives. As we cruise the world with you, it’s our mission to provide you with unforgettable destination experiences while fostering a culture of awareness and respect for our world’s natural resources. In order to share more about our focus on sustainability, we now have a dedicated page featuring our latest efforts. Here’s a quick overview of what you’ll find as you explore the page.

Biodiversity: Preservation Efforts

Sail and Sustain Alaska Raptor Center

Every organism has a specific niche and function on earth, and as we travel to some of the most beautiful corners of the earth with you, preserving vulnerable ecosystems and minimizing human impact is at the forefront of our concern. The Alaska Raptor Center (ARC), which is committed to the treatment of birds of prey as well as avian research and education, is one of the single most important aspects of our Alaska experience and is likewise one of our top environmental partnerships. In order to support ARC’s goal of going green, we’ve partnered with them to provide specific energy-saving upgrades as well as implement a recycling program. We’ve also funded a nature trail where you can view falcons, hawks, owls and other birds in their natural habitats, which is both ecologically significant and serves as an enriching extension of the rehabilitation center. In Harvest Caye, manatee protection is center stage – more than 10,000 mangrove propagates have been planted on the island in order to offer protection and encourage seagrass growth, a staple food for manatees. We’ve also joined efforts with the Sea to Shore Alliance to replace and install No-Wake buoys that were destroyed by Hurricane Earl in 2016.

Water Conservation & Sustainable Solutions

Sail and Sustain Water Conservation

Earlier this year, we introduced VERO Water service, the gold standard in still and sparkling water service on board all of our ships. Refillable and reusable decanters in all suites, staterooms, restaurants and bars eliminates the need for plastic water bottles. This program will effectively eliminate several million single-use plastic water bottles per year from onboard use. As we extend the program to our shoreside experience later in the year, we’ll eliminate several more million bottles per year.

Reduced Carbon Footprint: Digital Enhancements On Board

We’re also proud to share several digital enhancements coming soon that will collectively eliminate the consumption of millions of pieces of paper per year. We will soon be transitioning to digital guest surveys, which will greatly contribute to reducing our paper consumption. We’ll also be offering digital newspapers in place of printed versions. Meanwhile our new interactive TV systems, which are being integrated during each ship’s dry dock, will allow guests greater flexibility and over time, we expect this enhancement to serve as a springboard for saving additional paper. Together, these digital initiatives are a new beginning in helping us further decrease waste and reduce our carbon footprint.

Discover more about these environmental initiatives as well as our 2018 Stewardship Report on our new Sail & Sustain page.