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Mission Statement

Our mission is to continually improve our sustainability culture through fresh innovation, progressive education and open collaboration.

Our Commitment

Our environmental commitment is continually evolving and expanding into additional areas of our operations, both shipboard and shoreside. Our industry is inextricably linked to the condition of our oceans and as such, continual improvement is one of our core responsibilities. In line with this accountability comes our commitment to preventing accidents and incidents involving pollution, reducing the environmental impact of our operations, managing waste through methods that promote recycling and reusing materials and ensuring continual refinement of our ISO 14001 certification objectives and targets.

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Our Objectives

  • Minimize Waste to Landfills
  • Reduce our CO2 Emissions Rate
  • Increase Our Sustainable Sourcing
  • Invest in Emerging Technologies

Read 2018 Stewardship Report

Sail & Sustain Environmental ProgramSail & Sustain Environmental ProgramSail & Sustain Environmental Program


Every organism has a specific niche and function on earth. Therefore, we need to consider human impact on the air, land and sea as we work with governments and organizations to preserve these fragile ecosystems.

Biodiversity Partnership

Helping The Alaska Raptor Center
Go Green

Located in Sitka, the Alaska Raptor Center (ARC) is committed to the medical treatment of birds of prey—including eagles, hawks, falcons and owls—conducting avian research and educating its visitors about the state’s birds and environmental conservation.

“We are dedicated to providing humane treatment to all avian wildlife coming through our doors, and we do whatever we can medically to get them back to the wild,” said ARC Executive Director Jennifer Cross.

We proudly support ARC’s goal to reduce its overall energy consumption as the center continues its mission. In 2017, we provided the necessary funding for ARC to replace inefficient equipment, switch over from paper towels to high-efficiency hand dryers in its public restrooms and implement a recycling program. It is anticipated that these small changes will make a significant difference in achieving reduced carbon emissions and fuel additional initiatives to assist ARC in becoming an even greener organization.

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    Bob Binder - President and CEO, Oceania Cruises

    “To see the work that the team at the Alaska Raptor Center is doing and the passion and caring they have for saving injured raptors is simply amazing. The center’s efforts are not just helping to preserve Alaska’s environment, they’re giving back to the environment as they rehabilitate and release these majestic birds, and they’re giving back to the public through education. It’s one of the single most important aspects of our Alaska experience.”


Marine Mammal Protection

In order to help protect whales from shipping traffic, our company has developed policies and procedures for crews to follow when cruising through areas frequented by these marine mammals. Measures we follow to minimize our impact on these whales include speed reduction and increased training of ship officers and crew for identifying and properly reporting whale sightings while also keeping ships a safe distance from the mammals.

We report whale sightings to the following government agencies where applicable: NOAA, Transport Canada and the Port of Auckland Harbor Patrol.

  • Sail & Sustain Environmental Program

    Echo Voluntary Slowdown Study

    The Port of Vancouver has developed the Enhancing Cetacean Habitat and Observation (ECHO) Program to study the impact of vessel activities on at-risk risk southern resident killer whales. In order to assess and understand vessel noise reduction methods, more than 550 vessels participated in a voluntary slowdown program in 2017, including Regatta. The ECHO Program’s long-term goal is to develop voluntary mitigation measures for a quantifiable reduction in potential threats from shipping activities to resident whales. We are proud of the commitment of our ships in the area for being a part of this important research.


Manatee Protection

Harvest Caye, our newest destination opened in 2016, is an eco paradise situated off the coast of Belize. Guests can get a close-up look at toucans, iguanas, boa constrictors and more at the on-site nature center. The waters surrounding this picturesque caye are also home to a rich array of marine life, including Antillean manatees that are spotted almost daily.

  • Sail & Sustain Manatee Protection Program at Harvest Caye


    More than 10,000 mangrove propagates were planted on the island offering shoreline protection, habitat protection for various flora and fauna and sea grass growth—one of the staple foods for manatees. However, in 2016 Hurricane Earl destroyed several No-Wake buoys located 500 yards offshore from Harvest Caye that were put in place to help protect the manatees from boat traffic. This past year, Destination Management worked with the Sea to Shore Alliance to procure new No-Wake buoys and assisted with installation in order to help protect the manatee habitat.

Vero Water Conservation & ManagementVero Water Conservation & ManagementVero Water Conservation & Management

Water Conservation & Management

Oceania Cruises has introduced the Gold Standard in still and sparkling water service on board with our new VERO Water service. All suites and staterooms will be stocked with refillable and reusable VERO Water decanters as well as all restaurants and bars.

By early 2020, we will have expanded VERO service to our shoreside experience, providing guests with keepsake refillable water bottles to take VERO Water ashore with them, eliminating several million more bottles per year.

VERO Facts

Earlier this year, Oceania Cruises became the first cruise line to introduce VERO Water, the gold standard in still and sparkling water. With the introduction of VERO, we will eliminate several million single-use plastic bottles per year from onboard use. Later in the year, we will extend VERO service to our shoreside experience, providing guests with keepsake refillable water bottles to take VERO Water ashore with them, eliminating several million more bottles per year.

  • VERO Water – eliminates 3 million+ single-use plastic bottles per year
  • 80% of all fresh water consumed on board is produced on board
  • On average, daily water consumption per guest is 30% below the daily U.S. average

Going Green Through Technology

    We are eliminating the consumption of millions of pages of paper per year via new digital technology on board.

    • Interactive TV System
    • Digital Newspaper &
    • Digital Guest Survey

    These new digital initiatives will help us save millions of pieces of paper and thus reduce waste and reduce our carbon footprint.