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Insignia in Gustavia, St. BartsInsignia in Gustavia, St. BartsInsignia in Gustavia, St. Barts

The Tropics

Our new Caribbean cruises bring your perfect tropical escape to life, filled with thrills in rainforests, among Mayan ruins and on sun-kissed beaches. Further south, our voyages to Argentina, Brazil, Peru and beyond tempt you to uncover the diverse landscapes, traditions and cultural treasures in each corner of this vast continent.

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Regatta cruising The Exotics Bora Bora, South PacificRegatta cruising The Exotics Bora Bora, South PacificRegatta cruising The Exotics Bora Bora, South Pacific

The Exotics

Spend the day with a Sri Lankan family in Colombo, take a pottery workshop with a Twante craftsperson in Myanmar and learn all about farm life with a visit to a protea farm outside of Port Elizabeth. Set sail on a journey that reveals the remarkable Emirates, the ancient treasures of the Holy Lands, the kaleidoscope of India or the best of Africa. More unique experiences await in the South Pacific – aquamarine lagoons, Polynesian cultural encounters and rugged New Zealand adventures.

The Tropics New Ports Iles des Saintes, GuadeloupeThe Tropics New Ports Iles des Saintes, GuadeloupeThe Tropics New Ports Iles des Saintes, Guadeloupe

Diverse & Exciting New Ports

As the pioneer of destination-focused cruising, Oceania Cruises continually brings you to new and off-the-beaten-path places in the most desirable corners of the world. Calling on more than 450 ports around the globe, our voyages invite you to immerse yourself in the culture, history and culinary traditions of the diverse regions we explore.

  • Whittier, Alaska

    Whittier, Alaska

    With a population of only about 200, the small and quirky hamlet of Whittier is the gateway to beautiful Prince William Sound as well as Anchorage, which is only 60 miles away. Established as a secret military outpost during World War II, Whittier now attracts visitors for its unspoiled glaciers and wilderness. Glacier cruises along Prince William Sound make a memorable afternoon – think sheer fjords, seaside mountains, calving tidal glaciers. A picturesque train journey to Anchorage along the Alaska Railroad is another fantastic diversion; you’ll enjoy awe-inspiring views of Turnagain Arm Fjord and Portage Valley. Chugach State Park is also nearby and excellent kayaking and hiking opportunities abound.
  • Panama City, Panama

    Panama City, Panama

    You probably can’t think of Panama City without conjuring images of the Panama Canal. But nearly 400 years before the Panama Canal opened its locks, Panama City was making its mark. From the vestiges of the original settlement to the modern skyscrapers, experience the history and culture of one of the Pacific Coast’s oldest continuously inhabited European settlements. After exploring the bustling local markets in search of fresh fish or artisan handicrafts, admire the restored Spanish Colonial architecture in Casco Viejo. Or you can head to the Miraflores Locks and watch one of the modern world’s most heroic feats of engineering in action.
  • Mystery Island, Vanuatu

    Mystery Island, Vanuatu

    A tiny, uninhabited island off the coast of Vanuatu’s Aneityum island, Mystery Island is a remote paradise of white sand beaches, swaying palms and aquamarine waters. Since the surrounding sea is a protected marine sanctuary, snorkelers will be enchanted by views of colorful marine life and pristine coral reefs. Aneityum residents will likely set up market stalls on Mystery Island when you visit, so you’ll be able to browse local goods like coconut oil, coffee and handmade jewelry. Whether you stroll the gorgeous shoreline, opt for under-the-sea adventures or explore nearby Aneityum, you’ll treasure your time in this secret oasis.
  • Îles des Saintes, Guadeloupe

    Iles des Saintes, Guadeloupe

    Comprising eight small islands – two inhabited – Îles des Saintes is a place where you can be happy doing absolutely nothing. You’ll be tendered to Terre-de-Haut Island, where the local population numbers less than 2,000. Whether your agenda consists of seeing a specific sight like Fort Napoléon, getting active on a hike, or taking a short stroll to find a café, this laid-back locale has got you covered. Hire a boat to go scuba diving. Shop for handpainted t-shirts or posters with island themes. Or simply plant yourself in the sand and let the balmy breezes of the Caribbean carry you into a reverie.
  •  Port Arthur (Tasmania), Australia

    Port Arthur (Tasmania), Australia

    In Port Arthur, home to one of the most famous penal colonies of the UNESCO-listed Australian Convict Sites, a dark history unfolds as you learn of the notoriously harsh conditions for those sent here, the ferocious dogs that guarded the only land-based exit, and the sharks that threatened those who might try to escape by sea. In stark contrast, the spectacular coastal landscapes of the Tasman Peninsula step in with inspiring scenery to lift the spirit. Dolerite sea cliffs tower nearly 1,000 feet above white sand beaches and the Tasman Sea, while waterfalls cascade down sheer cliff faces and wedge-tailed eagles soar above it all.
Machu PicchuAlternative TextAlternative Text

The OLife™ Difference

Perfect for travel connoisseurs, this collection of alluring voyages brings you to the most sought-after corners of the world for off-the-beaten-path explorations and fascinating discoveries. As you enjoy imaginative destination experiences around the world, savor The Finest Cuisine at Sea® and relax aboard Oceania Cruises’ intimate and luxurious ships.

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